about addiction

Addiction – what is it anyway? An addiction is anything that is hard to stop doing regardless of the negative […]

What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

One of the most difficult situations to navigate is to find the right words when someone has experienced the death […]

How Body Image Affects Self-Esteem

Body image consists of several factors. It isn’t only explained by what we think of our body when we look […]

Birth Defects From Alcohol and Drugs

When a woman is expecting a baby she will usually go to great lengths to take care of herself to […]

Anxiety Palpitations Last All Day

Most people have heard of the mind/body connection, how the psychological or emotional state can influence body functions. The stress […]

Amphetamine Addiction and Treatment

The pharmaceutical amphetamine is a nervous stimulant drug that is legitimately used for therapeutic purposes, such as in treatment of […]

Self Help Alcohol Treatment

Human pride is a powerful emotion. We like to believe that we are invincible and able to manage our stuff, […]

Feelings of Despair and Hopelessness

You don’t really know what is wrong with you. For weeks now you feel frozen in place, unable to get […]

mental health egg on instagram

Well that is one way to get the public’s attention about mental health issues! On January 18th a mysterious Instagram […]

Voluntary Mental Health Admission

When a mental health condition has deteriorated to the point of a severe psychiatric break, hospitalization is the appropriate level […]